One of the key feature of ARCASIA is the ARCASIA Forum which is a major regional forum held every two years that take the form of a large international forum for fostering intellectual exchange and strategic discussion on regional challenges, initiatives and development amongst hundreds of architects.

The Indian Institute of Architects

The history of the IIA is one of absorbing interest. Unfolding over the years, it speaks in manifold aspects - of the struggles and influence of architectural education from one solitary centre throughout India, of the rebirth and youth of a profession which the Country had almost forgotten, of a struggle for existence and the need to have the meaning and value of Architecture and architectural service understood and attempts and experiments towards a new stage in the architecture of the country. In the Renaissance or reawakening of India, the Institute has its due place in the sphere of Architecture.

Its history is also one of men with vision and ideals, men who had at heart, the welfare of architecture and the profession and who with such a goal, helped to lay and build up the foundations of an architectural future fraught with the finest possibilities conceivable.